About Spardha Classes Patna

About Spardha Classes Patna

School Partnership Program

As frontrunners in the education field, Spardha presents a progressive School Partnership Program Program for building a mutually beneficial association with reputed schools. With this plan, we intent to extend our training expertise to the students belonging to esteemed schools across the state by providing an onsite training program at the school campus itself.Spardha has been reaching out to the budding IIT and NEET aspirants who seek a platform, from where their dreams of joining the premier institutes of our country and build admirable careers, can take off. Through this program, prepare them with confidence for such highly competitive examinations and enable them to succeed with flying colours. The program is envisioned to offer convenience and better utilization of the students’ time by providing training classes at the school campus during or after school hours.

School Program

1. School Integrated Program for Grade 11 and 12.

2. Two years Breakthrough class room programme.

3. One Year Target Classroom programme.

4. 9th-12th Pre Foundation School Integrated Programme.

Benefits to the Associate School.

Value added education, where the students receive augmented academic training in addition to their conventional curriculum Notable improvement in the students’ aptitude and performance, clear growth in the volume of students succeeding in various competitive exams Exposure of students to a bright competitive academic world Better brand image and placement for the school, improvement in student enrollment and reduction Additional revenue stream for the school as a share for the associative efforts. Substantial increase in the resource pool for the school in terms of study materials, exam papers etc.

Benefits to the Students and Parents.

Incomparable convenience of having top-notch academic training for JEE / NEET in the school campus itself, avoiding the time and effort required for travelling back and forth. Access and availability of an exceptional faculty team from Mathiit Notable improvement in the performance of the students in the School/Board as well as in Competitive Examinations. Significant gain in confidence level of the students and a well-rounded academic development with a sharp focus on successful career paths. Constant communication channel maintained with the parents through which they can assess the student’s academic performance and growth.

Program Features

Achievement Customized programs for JEE, NEET (for Classes 11 and 12) as well as Foundation Courses (for Classes 6 to 10) Course duration – 1 year (in parallel with the academic year). Total hours of classes to be finalized after agreement discussions with the school. Subjects to be taught: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and/or Biology Syllabus Contents: Competitive Examinations and CBSE/ICSE Board.

Program Objectives

To deliver Spardha unmatched expertise in academic training, to the students belonging reputed academic institutions. To equip the students and prepare them with adequate academic as well as technical competency and proficiency in various subjects. To facilitate convenience and better utilization of the students’ time by providing onsite training. To ensure academic growth of every student and impart confidence in them for successfully tackling challenging examinations like JEE Main/Advanced, NEET etc. To foster a fruitful and long lasting partnership with the academic institution with mutual benefits.


Dedicated training by subject experts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Well-designed and planned regular classroom sessions supported by detailed class notes, comprehensive study material, worksheets, interactive doubt clarification and discussion sessions. abolish Provision of regular online test series including chapter wise tests, part tests and mock tests. Test papers prepared in a systematic way to various patterns asked in Competitive Examinations Periodic Assessment of performance through the tests Maintenance of individual student files to keep a track of academic progres

Our Best Teachers

With the help of teachers and the environment as the third teacher, students have opportunities to confidently take risks